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The Flame That Started It All...  Shelley Lister

Lister's Legacy Annual Giving Society

Donors of Distinction (formerly known as Designing Daughters) is the legacy of Shelley Lister. In founding DD, Shelley created a safe place for people to learn how to get involved in our community, support local nonprofit organizations in need, and be philanthropic. 


In honor of Shelley, Donors of Distinction now offers an Annual Fund Society membership called Lister's Legacy. We invite former members, our business partners and area nonprofits to join us and support our mission, in a more passive way, with a variety of benefits - including the opportunity to nominate a nonprofit during Donors of Distinction's Annual Grant Season. Lister's Legacy members also receive marketing benefits and access to exclusive Donors of Distinction events. 

The addition of the Lister's Legacy Annual Fund Society means we are able to create a much larger impact throughout Sarasota and Manatee Counties. 


Membership is $250 annually. YOUR GIFT makes all the difference!


Step 1: Submit your information

Step 2: Pay your annual dues of $250

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